Personal. Positive. Solid. Momentum.

At Flatiron Wealth Management our mission is to help our clients take control of their financial world.

Why Flatiron?

We provide independent expertise and thoughtful service with a fiduciary level duty of care.


By operating a truly independent model, we only recommend strategies and products that are in our client’s best interest.


Our senior advisors have a mandate to achieve the highest level of education in our field by becoming Portfolio Managers, Certified Financial Planners, and Chartered Life Underwriters.


We provide heartfelt service to our clients to make sure that when you need access to our team you feel connected and taken care of.


Through our partnership with Quintessence Wealth, we have access to Portfolio Managers who have a fiduciary duty to clients. We are required, both from a regulatory and compliance standpoint, to always act in our client’s best interest.

About Us

We have three key principles that drive our approach to wealth management and you, the client, are at the heart of it.

01 // Investment Philosophy

  • Diversification through broad asset allocation, dynamic rebalancing, low fees, and low expenses are at the heart of our investment philosophy. Along with client behaviour, these elements have the greatest impact on a portfolio’s performance. As a firm, we focus on the factors that we can influence and prepare for the ones we can’t . We are constantly evaluating any new opportunities available to our clients to ensure that we are prepared to offer them when they are a good fit.

02 // Service Philosophy

  • A financial plan is a journey. At Flatiron Wealth Management, we help our clients map and navigate that journey, celebrating successes along the way, while being nimble enough to adapt to life's challenges as they arise.
  • A key element in helping our clients achieve their goals is the relationship we build together. The Flatiron client experience is of the utmost importance to us. We are intensely focused on creating quality, long-term client relationships that are personal, positive, and solid.

03 // Values

  • Each client is unique, so our goal is to constantly ask great questions. We aim to understand not only their goals but their values, needs, and wants. The result is a coordinated, organized plan that aligns our client's finances with their financial objectives and their ability to live a better life.
  • Positive
  • We always act from a position of positivity. Our clients should feel good about every interaction they have with our team. Sometimes the situation may be difficult to deal with, but we are always on your side.
  • Solid
  • We conduct thorough research to make sure that when we provide you with answers to your questions, we know the information is accurate. By employing an evidence-based approach, our investment philosophy and the financial planning principles we practice are backed by proven empirical data and implemented using industry-leading tools and the latest advanced planning concepts.
  • Momentum
  • Our goal is to help you get from A to B as quickly as possible. We need to keep moving forward and avoid becoming stagnant. Our job is to coach you towards your goals and keep the momentum going.

Meet the Flatiron Team

Our team is made up of wealth professionals interested in putting you first.

Andrew H. Sheppard

Managing Partner,

Mark Davies

Managing Partner,

Jeff Carter

Lead Advisor,

Mun Chau

Director of Operations,

How We Work

Areas of Expertise

Our Thinking

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